Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Introduction

I've been inspired by reading several blogs recently. They have caused me to want to work a little harder at personal and professional improvement. To that end, I am going to work at posting here as often as possible, and share some of my process

Here is a graphic of some key words that have meaning for me:

I recently developed a 100 Day Plan (With thanks to the Mission School District, and the folks that put me onto this idea at the UBC Short Course, July 2010). I have continued to use it as a guiding document that helps keep me on track at school:

100 Day Leadership Plan

Principals’ leadership behaviours during the first 100 days of their tenure are critical to their success in moving the student learning agenda forward (Allison, 2008). Using what research tells us works in school leadership (Marzano, 2005), describe below three non-negotiable leadership strategies that you’ll employ during the first 100 days of the current school year to focus for your work with staff on the school growth plan. Examples of these strategies include daily classroom walkthroughs, double blocking for literacy, scheduled time for teacher collaboration, learning focussed staff meetings, etc.


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